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What is a brand? Let's settle the debate once and for all. It's not just a product or a package you place on a shelf. "Brand" defines the relationship you have with your constituencies - whether they are customers, employees, colleagues, or whatever. Your brand is how they consistently view your company. And, unless your organization is brand new (excuse the pun), you already have a brand. The question is, "Is your current brand the image you want?" The process of branding is how we manage and control that image. Here's how Sprocket Group can help you with your brand. First, we offer two options for developing your brand plan - the definition, reshaping or total revamping of your brand. Option 1 is our accelerated, streamlined process called Flash Branding. Option 2 is the more comprehensive Brand Mechanix. We also can serve as your Brand Shepherd - a consulting resource to help guide you as your manage your brand.

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